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  • RE: Word Clarifications?

    You can use if you would like. Thank you.

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  • RE: Word Clarifications?

    Hi Liese,

    Thank you for this.

    The stance that I would like to take with words is that "if it's correct, then nothing is wrong". For example, in the case of bazpilko and bazopilko, I should be able to give either of those answers when I'm prompted to translate "baseball". If I can't, then it is an issue in the game rather than the database's relationships. I think I need to change how the games decide whether a user's typed answer is correct. I'm making a note of this in my project manager. There should be no word duplication in the database, so 'baseball' refers to the same entity in that example.

    If you wouldn't mind sharing your results with me offline, it would be much appreciated.

    I'll look into the progress bar as well. I also noticed that it felt a little wonky.

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  • RE: Word Clarifications?

    I was able to fix the counts - they should now accurately reflect how many words are in the wordset. Thanks for reporting that!

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  • RE: Word Clarifications?

    That's definitely an error. I'll make a task in my project manager to fix that. Thanks for letting me know!

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  • RE: Anki decks for Langful word sets


    Thanks for understanding!

    I definitely need to start focusing on the games side at some point. I have some interesting ideas.

    I certainly understand about the speaking. Private message me on here with which apps you would like to use for messaging and we could go from there. 🙂 We could use here, but the only issue is that there are no notifications from it. I'm sure I could get some pretty easily though.

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  • RE: Anki decks for Langful word sets

    Interestingly enough, the spaced repetition system is a big part of how Langful works. As you get more experience with a word, it should show up less often than other words, but get reintroduced again later. I was inspired initially by Anki to have it work in this way. You can see a graph of it on the accounts page. If you feel like it's not working that way, then do let me know.

    I do have a way to get a full list of words and their translations from the database, but that data is not something that I'm ready to part with yet. Maybe in the future I will have initiatives to provide full databases for public benefit.

    While putting together the word sets I mainly used,, sometimes, and other times Google translate. I would really recommend the first two or three for Esperanto.

    If you want to get some Esperanto practice in, then let me know privately. I can definitely text chat, and possibly even voice chat too.

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  • RE: Anki decks for Langful word sets


    I hope everything is going well.

    Anki is a really cool app that I have used off-and-on for a long time. The only issue with making decks that I see is that a user's progress will not be integrated back to Langful, meaning that studying you do on the site will not will not transfer to Anki and vice versa.

    That being said, I would love to provide something similar to Anki for mobile that integrates cleanly with Langful. It is on my road map to make a mobile app that will have Anki's type of flashcard study, along with the language courses. Do you think that the creation of a mobile study tool for Langful would subside the need for equivalent anki decks?

    I'll continue to ponder the potential benefits of anki decks, as well as how I could get a Langful app up and running.

    I just did a quick check on my word counts per language:

    • Esperanto: 4.7k
    • French: 4.1k
    • English: 4.1k

    As always, I appreciate your eagerness to help improve the site.

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  • Anki decks for Langful word sets

    This was a suggestion by Liese82 on the pinned thread, which I have since locked. I have moved the comment to its own thread.

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  • Release: Increased language support for Esperanto course and URLs

    We have a release lined up for today. It will include the following changes.


    We didn't realise it, but the Esperanto course's quizzes were practically unusable without English translations to work off of. As well, some of the answers were not configured correctly. We have since corrected the answers, and have provided translations to work from both English and French. Quizzes can now be used properly.

    New URL Format

    It is with pleasure that I introduce Langful's new URL style. We have decided that it was necessary to include display and target language inside of the URL so that any links shared externally could point to the correct content. The new format is:


    Learn Esperanto from French

    With this release, we have also expanded our Esperanto course to be available in French. You can find the course by changing your display language, or by using the new URL syntax ( Be warned that due to limited working resources this is mostly automatic translations from the English course, but it should be understandable and useful none-the-less. That being said, please report any improvement that can be made to this new course.

    We're looking forward to more improvements to multi-lingual support.

    Thank you.

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  • RE: Lessons missing on the French site

    Less fluent than I'd like to be. I learned it throughout school, and a bit on my own. I can read to understand most things, but my speaking and writing aren't the greatest. That's cool to have at least that connection to Canada though, especially the French part. I'm half French Canadian, and married into a French Canadian family, but neither really speak French unfortunately.

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