Be... or To be? and other little things.

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    Saluton Eric!

    So as you know I have been playing around with the games. A couple of things I have experienced are:

    The game windows are right up against the footer and keep making me think I am missing part of my game screen. It would help if there was 1/2"/ 13mm between the bottom edge and the footer.

    You are going to cringe on this one... So after adding the To in front of the verb, which made Brick smash, Flash cards, Flash match, and Show me the way make a lot more sense. It actually broke the word search. My brain did not expect any To and when I saw all the spaces on the screen I thought it had totally broken. So (and I am sorry to say) I suggest a separate data base for the word search that does not have To in it.

    That is it for now. I will keep playing. And will keep thinking about how to make the flash cards more effective.

    Oh, I think I just figured out how to fix the Esperanto to English word search for I/Mi change the English to Me instead of I than it will be long enough to select.


    Langful word search.PNG

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    So I now see an potencial issue with that... If you take the To out for the search part you, take it out for the English list to Esperanto. Then you would be think you want the root word. :~( I am not seeing a good way to make this work. I may be over thinking this, but I didn't realize the over all effects of changing the data base. Always something to learn.

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    I'm so happy to see a post here!

    I have added some space below the game screen. That's a nice added touch, and was definitely needed.

    Haha, I understand exactly what you mean with the "to <verb>" form during word search -- it is kind of a weird. Having the full phrase hidden in the grid is technically correct, but it's not very intuitive. I'll consider getting rid of the "to " part and keeping the root, but only when hiding English verbs. If using English as the hint, then it will still have the "to " part. I've made a note in my project planner.

    The way that I solved the I/Mi issue in word search is to not use any words that have a single character as the phrase/translation. One cannot logically play word search when looking for a single letter as there will be many false matches, so this seemed to be the best solution to me.

    Thank you for these points, they help so much. I'm always open to improvement.

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    @EricDemers :~D Glad to help!

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    @EricDemers Oh! There was one other thing that keeps catching me. The database has Kafo = Espresso. Espresso would actually be espresso-kafo because it is a specific type of coffee.

    It is going to take me a while to work through the whole data base, but I will let you know if I find any other quirks.

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    @Liese82 haha, thanks! I will fix that and make sure that "coffee" is the only translation.

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