Release: Increased language support for Esperanto course and URLs

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    We have a release lined up for today. It will include the following changes.


    We didn't realise it, but the Esperanto course's quizzes were practically unusable without English translations to work off of. As well, some of the answers were not configured correctly. We have since corrected the answers, and have provided translations to work from both English and French. Quizzes can now be used properly.

    New URL Format

    It is with pleasure that I introduce Langful's new URL style. We have decided that it was necessary to include display and target language inside of the URL so that any links shared externally could point to the correct content. The new format is:


    Learn Esperanto from French

    With this release, we have also expanded our Esperanto course to be available in French. You can find the course by changing your display language, or by using the new URL syntax ( Be warned that due to limited working resources this is mostly automatic translations from the English course, but it should be understandable and useful none-the-less. That being said, please report any improvement that can be made to this new course.

    We're looking forward to more improvements to multi-lingual support.

    Thank you.

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    Sweet! Congratulations!

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