Anki decks for Langful word sets

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    This was a suggestion by Liese82 on the pinned thread, which I have since locked. I have moved the comment to its own thread.

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    Hey! Sorry I have been up to my eye balls in family stuff. I have been working on making my personal study materials more functional. Part of what this has meant for me is going through, consolidating and coreecting/fleshing out the Anki decks I downloaded to be more functional.

    While doing this, this morning, I had the idea that maybe you might be interested in getting Langful decks built. They would become part of the Anki shared decks database. It would give you some exposure but also extend the value proposition of Langful into a mobile format on the go.

    You already have everything in nice themed stacks. There are ways of having one big deck separated into each of those categories, while still being worked as a whole or in small chunks. You could have a Langful En-Eo deck and a Langful Fr-Eo deck. And as I have been working to learn how to use Anki more effectively, this would be something I would be happy to work on. Especially since I am trying to work through all the word lists anyway. It would stream line into a nice parallel process. I would of course keep a change log for things I think need clarifications for your approval.

    How many words are in your database by the way? I would need a spread sheet (if you have one) or some sort of master list to really make this happen easily.

    So what do you think?

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    I hope everything is going well.

    Anki is a really cool app that I have used off-and-on for a long time. The only issue with making decks that I see is that a user's progress will not be integrated back to Langful, meaning that studying you do on the site will not will not transfer to Anki and vice versa.

    That being said, I would love to provide something similar to Anki for mobile that integrates cleanly with Langful. It is on my road map to make a mobile app that will have Anki's type of flashcard study, along with the language courses. Do you think that the creation of a mobile study tool for Langful would subside the need for equivalent anki decks?

    I'll continue to ponder the potential benefits of anki decks, as well as how I could get a Langful app up and running.

    I just did a quick check on my word counts per language:

    • Esperanto: 4.7k
    • French: 4.1k
    • English: 4.1k

    As always, I appreciate your eagerness to help improve the site.

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    Hmmm, very true points. The one thing I really like about the Anki thing is the fact that you get the spaced repetition piece. I think, if you can manage to get something like that integrated into your own app it would be a huge win. And the most desirable. Having a stand alone complete Esperanto course with that complete of vocab would be amazing. (mind you, I have no actual idea how the programing side of this would work, or the labor involved) If not, I think you can input decks by spread sheet into Anki and draw them back out. I wonder, even if a bit convoluted, there could be a down load progress button that would down load a current progress spread sheet. Put it in your Anki profile, work mobile, and upload it back in later. I wonder if there would be a market for some sort of system that did that automatically...

    Well, even if I am not adding things into Anki having a hard copy of the vocab would expedite my read through. So if you are willing to give it to me that would be great, but if not, I understand. I can work list by list. May pull it into my own spreed sheet, so I can make sure I am not looking up words twice.

    Oh I also should have asked, what dictionary(s) you have been using?

    I just got my Plena Vortaro and Plena Gramatiko in the mail. I think they will expedite my understanding. I really need to brave up and start typing and speaking, or the last 6 months have been a waste. I understand a fair amount audibly and have some fairly uninteresting conversations with myself. I just can't express myself with any grace at all at this point.

    And as always, my pleasure. I like feeling like I am part of something. I spend a lot of time volunteering for various things. It makes me feel better about the fact I can't do bodywork anymore.

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    Interestingly enough, the spaced repetition system is a big part of how Langful works. As you get more experience with a word, it should show up less often than other words, but get reintroduced again later. I was inspired initially by Anki to have it work in this way. You can see a graph of it on the accounts page. If you feel like it's not working that way, then do let me know.

    I do have a way to get a full list of words and their translations from the database, but that data is not something that I'm ready to part with yet. Maybe in the future I will have initiatives to provide full databases for public benefit.

    While putting together the word sets I mainly used,, sometimes, and other times Google translate. I would really recommend the first two or three for Esperanto.

    If you want to get some Esperanto practice in, then let me know privately. I can definitely text chat, and possibly even voice chat too.

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    Oh sweet. I don't think I have been playing the games long enough to notice. 😓 I have been mostly looking at the list themselves to run through them. I have the feeling it will take me a little while to really get a feeling for the pacing.

    I understand about the database lists. It is a lot of work to compose and this is obviously your baby.

    I am such a hard copy person. I need analog references. I love digital for on the fly but I tend to not soak in the info very well, when it comes to reading. Hence why I am collecting books right now. I have been using Well's dictionary for most of my vocab research. Now that I have the Plena, it is game on. To be honest, I have a slight love affair with mono lingual dictionaries. I own a French one and a Spanish one. I think the best way to truly understand the nuance of a language is to understand how they define their own words in their own language.

    That is a very sweet offer, thank you. I think that I would very much like to text chat, but I warn you it is ugly. I'm really not ready for voice yet. I have a lot of social anxiety and it makes me nervous. Not a great combo for someone who wants to speak with people. But I think I am going to do some recording of me reading a few things. Just to get my brain and mouth working together better. I am also highly considering getting on iTalki and seeing if there are any Esperanto tutors. Unfortunately I think I am starting to hit a wall with out some outside input.

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    Thanks for understanding!

    I definitely need to start focusing on the games side at some point. I have some interesting ideas.

    I certainly understand about the speaking. Private message me on here with which apps you would like to use for messaging and we could go from there. 🙂 We could use here, but the only issue is that there are no notifications from it. I'm sure I could get some pretty easily though.

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