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    Here we will describe the community that we would like to build, our vision for the future, and appropriate conduct while using the forums.

    Forum Guidelines

    While posting on the forum, please be aware of the following guidelines:

    • Please respect, and be kind to your fellow language learners
    • Posts containing profanity, sexual content, racism, or homophobia will result in post removal and a warning; continued offences may result in a ban from the forums
    • Posts containing graphics of explicit content will result in an automatic user ban from the forums, including but not limited to: nudity; drug or drug paraphernalia; violence

    Our Community

    At Langful we strive to help everyone gain better language skills. Interacting with others is a vital way of practicing newly learned vocabulary and grammar. We desire that this space be a safe place to ask questions, receive feedback, and to help each other grow.

    Constructive Criticism

    We realize that correcting each other can sometimes be perceived as patronizing or offensive, but it is also important to receive corrections when practicing a foreign language so that we continue to learn and grow.

    We have introduced the Feedback group as a way for others to know when it is okay for them to provide constructive corrections. If you are open to receiving helpful corrections from other users, then please join the Feedback group. If a user makes a language mistake, and they are part of the Feedback group, feel free to quote their mistake, provide a correction and explanation, then keep the conversation going like normal.

    Our Vision

    We're excited about the methodologies and technologies that we would like to use to improve foreign language acquisition rates. For more information, please visit our blog.


    Visit this mardown cheatsheet or the extended markdown can be used as a reference on how to format posts in various ways, such as headings, tables, spoilers, tabbed content, colours, and more.

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